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 What is Westwood Project Graduation?

Project Graduation is an all night celebration for Westwood Graduates on June 1, 2017 from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am.  Project Graduation has become an annual event for graduating seniors around the United States in response to the deaths of graduating teens on the night of graduation.  So far, this even has kept our children safe and has shown them they can celebrate without alcohol or drugs.  It also keeps them safe from those under the influence that might be on the road the night of graduation.

How does my graduate get to go?

Your graduate must be a Westwood High School graduate in the class of 2017.  This means they must graduate between August 2016 through June 2017 from Westwood High School or Success High School as a Westwood feeder student.  Westwood students who have attended the Rock are allowed to come celebrate.


 How does my graduate get into Westwood’s Project Graduation?

Must be on our Westwood attendance student list

Must have a permission slip ( please turn them in before the event, but we will have a few at the door)

Must have and ID – School or Driver’s license

Where is Westwood Project Graduation?

We will be celebrating at Westwood High School this year.  The first floor of the high school will be transformed into an amazing party center! Please have your child sign up for “Remind” by downloading the remind app and signing up with the code @whspg-16


Why does my child want to attend?

95% + of the Westwood Graduates will attend

It is fun and there is so much to do, it will be difficult to fit it all in!

A casino, prizes, quad bungees, mechanical bulls, hamster balls, obstacle course, tug and dunk, sumo wrestling, karaoke, photos galore, remote controlled cars, video game stations, air hockey, pool tables, shuffleboard, ping pong, virtual reality, movies, student bands, hypnotist, coffee bar, food, and everyone leaves with a prize!


What do I bring or wear?

Dress is casual – shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes.  Dress to be active!

We do suggest that you do not bring purses or backpacks.

However, there will be a bag/purse check. All bags and purses will be inspected at the door and are not allowed into the event.  After your bag is checked, you will need to check it into our purse check station.  You may access your property at any time and all items will be kept in a locked room with attendants. Please bring your phone and charger if needed.  We will have a charging station with a few IPhone and Android chargers in our coffee bar.


How can I help?

Drop and Pick up your child after the event.  They will be tired and sleep deprivation can make for a dangerous driver.

Check back frequently. We will be posting opportunities to help.

Project Graduation is organized by the Senior parents and supported throughout the community. To put on such an event for 550+ teenagers, that is enticing enough to get them there and fun enough to keep them there requires a lot of planning, volunteers, and money.
Here's how you can help:

WHO? All 2017 Graduating Seniors are invited! Free of charge!

WHAT? Project Graduation is an all-night, lock-in party for all graduating Seniors, organized by the Senior parents and supported throughout the community!

WHEN? The Night of Graduation (June 1st) from 10:00pm to 5:00am

WHERE? Westwood High School

WHY? This party is a place for our Seniors to all be together one last time. It is lots of fun with lots of cool prizes. Most importantly, the entire party is free from alcohol and other drugs plus well chaperoned.

As you know, Project Graduation is an all night celebration free from alcohol and drugs. As your child prepares to leave home and begin the next step to adulthood, it is helpful to have conversations with them about alcohol use.
Project Graduation invites you to view this link:  http://www.samhsa.gov/underage-drinking/parent-resources
I hope that it will provide you with a starting point in the very important topic of underage drinking with your child or help you in your continued conversation. 
Amanda Overstreet
President Project Graduation 2017


Our goal is to provide a safe, substance-free party environment for the graduating seniors of Westwood High School, and to show them how proud we are of their accomplishments.

It is coordinated by volunteer parents, raising funds in partnership with community businesses, who are dedicated to providing their teens with a safe alternative to celebrating the end of their high school career.
Westwood Project Graduation, Inc. is a 501c3 organization.  Documentation will be provided upon request.